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Path on the Water

Restoring our oceans through the elimination of single use plastics

Our vision

We aim to help create a world where single use plastics no longer exist in our landfill or our oceans and waterways. Many everyday products require the manufacture of single use plastic bottles, creating footprint and plastic waste that is just not necessary. This is the first step on our journey; help us in achieving a world where single use plastics are a thing of the past.

Plastic Bottle at Beach

About Us

The Jara Partnership was founded with the sole objective to launch products that help eliminate single use plastics in our everyday shopping. We hope to provide products that not only perform well but are at a price that allows everyone to join in the fight against unecessary plastic production.


If you represent an organisation that shares our aim of reducing the impact of plastics on our planet or have similar sustainability goals, and see an opportunity for collaboration, please do get in touch.

We are stronger together.

Pack of Barracudas
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